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What You Should Know About Alcohol & Drug Programs According to A Denver Criminal Lawyer

April 5, 2017

If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Colorado, you may face a number of different penalties. According to Denver criminal lawyer John Buckley, those who are convicted can face steep fines, suspended licenses, and jail time. As part of your sentence, the court may also require that you complete alcohol and drug education programs. What should you expect from these programs? Here’s what you need to know:

Level I Programs

Alcohol education programs are classified as either level one or level two. If you are required to complete a level one program, you will spend twelve hours learning about alcohol and drugs over the course of three different sessions.

You will be asked to complete a level one program if you are a minor who has been convicted of DUI and now has a suspended or revoked license as a result of the conviction. However, not every minor is told to complete the level one program. The court may recommend level two programs in certain situations.

Level II Programs

While the level one program focuses solely on educating, the level two program is more comprehensive and designed to educate and treat those who are enrolled. The time you will spend in this program will vary depending which “track” of the program you are on. For example, track A is designed for people who do not have any prior DUI offenses on their record and who had a BAC lower than 0.15 at the time of the arrest. If you qualify for track A, you will have to complete 42 hours of the program over the course of 8 months. Track D is the most serious level on the spectrum. If you have one or more prior DUI offenses on your record and you had a BAC of over 0.15 or you refused to take the sobriety test, you may be required to sign up for this program. Track D consists of 86 hours of education and treatment over the course of 13 months.

When will the court require that you complete the level two alcohol program? If you have multiple alcohol-related convictions on your record or if you had a high BAC reading at the time of your arrest, you may be asked to take this program. For example, individuals who have been convicted of DUI more than three times are usually required to complete the level two program. Learn more about level I, level II, and enrollments.

Not everyone who is convicted of DUI in a criminal court will be required to complete these programs. However, even if the judge in a criminal court does not ask you to do these programs, you may still have to complete one in order to get your driver’s license reinstated.

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