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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Denver Provides Tips For Avoiding A DUI During the Thanksgiving Holidays

August 30, 2017

There are many holidays that are 'known for' drinking.  Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Saint Patrick's Day are among them.  A lesser thought of time is the night before Thanksgiving.  Think about it.  You're about to cook a huge meal on Thanksgiving.  Family is in town.  Nobody wants to cook tonight so they all go out.  Law enforcement is well aware this and you can count on Denver area DUI officers being on the lookout tonight and over the holiday weekend. How can you avoid getting stopped and arrested for driving under the influence? Here are some tips from John Buckley, a DUI defense lawyer in Denver:

Download The App

If you don’t already have the Uber or Lyft apps, download one or both of them before heading. You may forget about these ride-sharing services once you begin drinking, so it’s important to be prepared by putting them on your phone before the celebrations have started. Be sure to charge your cell phone before you leave so you don’t have to worry about the battery dying before you are able to order a ride.

Spend the Night

If you know that you will be drinking, ask the host of the party if it is possible for you to spend the night so you don’t have to worry about how you will get home. You may feel more comfortable sleeping in your own bed, but remember, staying at a friend’s house is much more comfortable than spending the night in jail.

Give Up Your Keys

Alcohol affects your ability to make good decisions, which means once you start drinking, it’s possible that you won’t see the harm in driving home while intoxicated. For this reason, it’s important to give your keys to a trustworthy friend before you begin drinking. This person can make sure that you don’t get your hands on your keys and attempt to drive home after you have consumed alcohol.

Don’t Party Hop

Don’t plan on hopping from party to party on this week. If you do, you will have to figure out how to get to and from each destination, which can be a hassle if everyone is drinking. Instead, plan on going to one party and staying there for the entire evening. This way, you only have to worry about one ride.

Host the Party

Another way to avoid a DUI is to host the party at your home so you don’t have to travel anywhere. Of course, if you choose this option, it’s important to look after your guests and make sure no one drives home after consuming alcohol. Don’t pressure guests to drink alcohol if they have been chosen as the designated drivers for the evening. If someone is intoxicated, help him find a safe way home instead of letting him drive home while under the influence. Learn the 8 ways to prevent drinking and driving.

If you are stopped by a police officer, remember to exercise your right to stay silent. If you are arrested and charged with DUI, seek legal representation from the Law Office of John Buckley right away. We work tirelessly to defend your rights and ensure you receive the best legal representation possible. Contact John L. Buckley as soon as possible to schedule a legal consultation regarding your case.