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The Benefits of Hiring a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney When Dealing with a DUI

January 4, 2018

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans find themselves with one of the most dreaded charges that a driver can face--a DUI. While it may seem like the end of the world, with the help of a Denver criminal defense attorney, your case will be handled by an experienced professional--helping to shorten the time spent, lessen the amount of money you spend and dispense valuable advice that you otherwise might not have known.


Your time is valuable, don’t waste precious minutes reeling from the charge or trying to tackle the problem by yourself. Continuing with a DUI trial without an experienced criminal defense attorney can end up prolonging the proceedings; especially if your learning all the nuances associated with handling a DUI defense. Many times during trial, defendants must attend regular court appearances. If you have hired an attorney, then they can attend some proceedings in your place--saving you the hassle of having to miss work or re-evaluate your schedule.

Not only can a DUI lawyer help with reducing the amount of time spent in the short term, they can also help you in the long term as well. An experienced DUI attorney has the knowledge and skills to access your case, and in some cases reduce license suspension time, your sentence, or even help negotiate a lesser charge.


By helping to shorten the length of time your case is active, your lawyer can reduce the amount you spend on court costs in the process. On average lawyers can help reduce court costs by up to $2,000. That as well as the fact that hiring a lawyer makes it three times more likely that your DUI charge will be reduced will help you save money in the long run. For those who have been convicted of a DUI, they can expect their insurance costs to rise significantly; around $830 a year. Reduced DUI charges saves on average $1,460 on insurance costs over a three year period.


Experienced DUI attorneys know the legal system in their area, and are familiar with proceedings, prosecutors and judges. This knowledge is invaluable for those who are in the midst of defending their DUI case. Your lawyer may be able to reduce your charge simply by knowing who is more lenient or open to negotiation, especially for first time offenders who were not involved in an accident, speeding or had a low BAC.

With a process that can take up to six months to resolve, you’ll need the experience a dedicated DUI attorney can provide. They can advise on how to deal with social media, handling interaction with law enforcement or prosecutors, and even provide a sense of comfort in such a difficult time.

A DUI charge is best faced head-on by an experienced and skilled professional as quickly as possible. For an aggressive Denver criminal defense attorney that will work with you to ensure you don’t waste more time and money on dealing with a DUI charge, contact the law office of John L. Buckley today at (303) 501-1800.