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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Offers Advice on SR-22 Insurance

July 25, 2018

If you have ever heard of SR-22 insurance, you might have a vague notion about what it is exactly. But if you have never had it yourself, you probably don’t know too many details. Chances are, if you have been a safe driver, you haven’t had a need for it. But here are some basics you should know about SR-22 from Denver criminal defense attorney John L. Buckley.

What Is SR-22 and When Is It Needed?

Although it is often referred to as “insurance,” it is really a verification of the fact that you are carrying adequate car insurance coverage. If you were ever in an accident or convicted of a traffic offense, and you were driving without car insurance, this means you were not able to provide proof of financial responsibility.
There are other reasons you might need SR-22 coverage on your insurance policy:
  • After being convicted of driving under the influence or some other moving violation
  • Getting too many tickets in a short amount of time
  • Getting caught driving after your license had been suspended or revoked.

How Much Will SR-22 Insurance Cost?

The cost of SR-22 will vary from state to state, but there is a nominal fee to set it up with the insurance company. This might run you about 20 dollars or so.
You will have to purchase an insurance policy to go along with your SR-22 coverage, and the cost of that will be based on a number of factors, including your driving record. Most insurance companies will consider you a riskier driver if you need SR-22 coverage. It’s always a good idea to shop around whenever you are looking for auto insurance. Read this article from the experts at NerdWallet for tips: 8 Ways to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Possible.
Keep in mind that if you move to another state, you’ll have to carry SR-22 coverage in that state, and the requirements might be different so be sure to find out through your insurance company.

How Long Will I Have to Carry SR-22 Insurance?

Again, this can vary from state to state, but you can probably expect to have SR-22 coverage for about three years. You must be careful not to let your insurance lapse or be canceled. Your insurance company is required to notify the DMV if this happens, and this will result in a suspension of your driver’s license. Be a safe, financially stable driver to avoid having this happen.

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