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Don't attempt to fool the ignition interlock

Ignition interlock devices are essentially breathalyzers that are wired into a car's ignition system.  The driver must submit a breath sample into the device before attempting to start the vehicle.  If the device detects a breath alcohol level equivalent to or greater than 0.025 grams per 210 liters of breath, the vehicle will not start.

In the context of a Colorado DUI case, the requirement for an ignition interlock device most often comes from the DMV.  If a DUI defendant has lost their license, the DMV will allow for reinstatement of driving privileges after the ignition interlock device has been installed.  The length of the requirement depends upon many factors - most importantly the blood alcohol content during the alleged DUI case.

Many people believe that the ignition interlock device can be fooled or tricked.  The link below is a news story which debunks this notion.

Additionally, Colorado law makes it a crime to tamper with an ignition interlock device.  A court can sentence you to a lengthy jail sentence and the DMV can add a significant extension to the amount of time you are required to maintain the device in your car.  Don't invite more trouble!  

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