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Guilt by Association

Imagine driving along the highway...minding your own business...following all traffic laws...when you are suddenly stopped by law enforcement and your 4th Amendment rights are violated.  The reason?  Merely that you are displaying a license plate from a state where marijuana has been decriminalized.

This is the story of a gentleman driving in Idaho.  He was not accused of speeding, wreckless driving, or even DUI.  He was stopped, searched, and eventually released after his car was towed to the police station and thoroughly searched.  No illegal substances were found.  The gentleman is now suing the Idaho State Patrol.

His biggest mistake?  He consented to a search of the vehicle.  In order to search your car, an officer must have a warrant, probable cause, exigent circumstances, or your consent.  The officer in this situation only had the driver's consent.  Fortunately, the driver had no contraband and no criminal charges were filed.  

The lesson the driver should take away from this - regardless of why you are stopped by law enforcement, DUI, DWAI, speeding, weaving, red light or stop sign violation... EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS.