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Justin Bieber close to a plea deal in his DUI case

Reports show that Mr. Bieber is close to entering a plea deal in his DUI case.  It appears that he will plead guilty to reckless driving for the alleged drag racing and the balance of the charges will be dismissed.

Regardless of your opinion of him as a person or as an entertainer, this case was weak from the start.  Many people feel that celebrities are treated differently.  While that may be true in some situations, I don't believe that is the case with Bieber.

First, his alleged blood alcohol level was 0.014.  In Colorado and across the country, the per se level of intoxication in a DUI case is 0.08 mg/dl.  So Mr. Bieber was less than 25% of the alcohol level necessary for a presumption of intoxication.  Given that Bieber is not yet 21 years old, he would be held to a lesser standard of 0.02.  He was below even that level.  Next, his urine was tested and found to contain evidence of ingestion of marijuana and sleeping pills.  The trouble here is that urine tests do not provide evidence of medications/drugs that are currently capable of impairing one's driving.  They show past ingestion.  There was little evidence to suggest that Bieber was actually driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.