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Denver Police not subject to the same laws as you and me

If you are involved in a car accident in Colorado, you will likely be charged with the crime of Careless Driving.  Some additional charges are certainly possible but Careless Driving is almost a certainty.  Obviously if you've consumed any alcohol, you will be investigated for driving under the influence.  However, the Denver Police Department officers are not likely to be treated the same way as you and me.  A story from Denver's KMGH investigative team indicates that of the 310 "preventable accidents" in the last three years, no Denver officer was charged with any traffic offense.  Having been a paramedic and firefighter for over 20 years, I've done my share of emergency driving and yes, I've been involved in one 'on duty' accident.  My conduct was investigated in the same manner as any other motorist.  As a DUI defense lawyer, I'm certainly not going to get any slack from a police officer investigating my driving.  Nor will you.  Why are these officers being treated differently?