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Demonstrating your love of sports may be illegal

I’m a huge football fan.  I’m waiting with great anticipation for the NFL draft tomorrow evening.  I have lots of sports memorabilia in my office.  My treasure is an autographed photo of hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana.
What I don’t have is a license plate frame displaying my favorite team on the rear of my car.  Why?  Because most license plates frames are a technical violation of the law in Colorado.  42-3-202 C.R.S. calls for all license plates to be clearly visible and legible.  Many frames obscure the expiration stickers, the state name, or both.
One of the first tasks of a Denver DUI attorney is to evaluate the constitutionality of the contact between law enforcement and the accused.   Often, Colorado police officers make mistakes.  These mistakes may be misinterpretations of law, mistakes of fact, or just plain mistakes of observation.  However, this simple violation of displaying your license plate can lead to a traffic ticket, a Colorado DUI charge, or something worse.