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Wisconsin deputy sheriff makes up DUI allegation to avoid responsibility in causing crash

 A woman who had zero alcohol in her system at the time of a collision with a deputy sheriff was charged with DUI.  Deputy Joseph Quiles failed to stop for a stop sign and caused the collision but his DUI allegations against the other driver were meant to cover up his own negligence.  The alleged drunk driver was struck broadside by Quiles and suffered four broken vertebrae in her neck and racked up close to $1 million in medical bills.  Obviously, the driver was unable to perform any roadside sobriety tests.  She allegedly had a faint odor of alcohol on her breath and admitted to having a few sips of her friend’s drink at dinner – an assertion that was borne out by the ‘zero’ blood alcohol test done at the hospital.  Quiles also suggested that the other driver was driving without her headlights on.  That would’ve been a pretty damaging allegation except for one thing – her car had automatic headlights.
To add insult to injury, the sheriff’s office withheld exculpatory video evidence from the accused and her lawyer.  The charges were ultimately dismissed but her medical bills have yet to be paid and the deputy sheriff remains on the job despite the false report that was filed.
This situation illustrates why those who have been wrongfully accused of DUI or other criminal charges in Denver are in need of an immediate consultation with an attorney familiar with defending against these charges.