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Hitting a police car makes for a difficult DUI case

This driver in Houston seriously complicated his DUI case by striking a HPD patrol car.

One of the first things a DUI defense lawyer examines is the grounds for police contact.  If police contact a suspect, they must have a reasonable, articulable suspicion that a crime or a traffic infraction has been, is being, or is about to be committeed.  All too often, the police officer is mistaken about the law and there is no grounds for the contact.  In this case with a traffic accident, the officer clearly can contact the driver to investigate the accident.

What is most interesting about the news video is the apparent lack of impairment demonstrated by the alleged DUI defendants (there were actually two separate defendants in the story).  The first defendant in the white t-shirt is only shown being walked to a patrol car.  He has already been handcuffed so his ability to steady himself has been compromised.  Even so, he does not appear to suffer any balance deficiencies.  The second defendant is only shown during a portion of the one legged stand maneuver.  He too does not appear to have any balance issues.  These are but a few of the issues that a Denver DUI attorney looks for when exploring defenses to drunk driving charges.