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It doesn't take a car to get a DUI

Comedian Marc Ryan has a character known as "Steve the DUI guy," a gentleman from rural Louisiana with a penchant for drinking and driving non-conventional vehicles.  His DUI "arrest" videos can be found on his own youtube channel.  In one, he gets arrested for DUI while driving down the road in a scissor lift which makes for a challenging arrest.

While these videos are either funny or offensive, depending on your tastes, they do illustrate one important issue - in Denver or anywhere in Colorado, you can get arrested for DUI in something other than a normal car or truck.  Bicycles, horses, motorized wheelchairs can all be the vehicle that land you in front of a criminal court judge and needing a DUI defense attorney.

As we begin another glorious Colorado summer, please be safe.  If you intend to drink, have a plan to get home safely.