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Aurora Police fail to arrest Denver Police for DUI

In a tale of sex, alcohol, fighting, and alleged child abuse, what stands out is police cutting breaks to fellow officers that they would never cut to members of the general public.  This past week, a party at the home of a Denver police officer involving wife swapping turned violent when an argument broke out amongst several police officer friends.  One officer pulled a weapon because he feared for his safety.  Denver Officer Jeremy Ownbey and his wife decided to leave the home to defuse the tension.  However, Aurora Police were called to the home to investigate the fight and they called Ownbey and asked that he return.

When Ownbey drove back to the scene, four Aurora officers who dealt with him observed alleged indications that Ownbey was significantly intoxicated.  Rather than investigate this behavior and pursue a DUI case, they instead just drove Ownbey home.  The four Aurora police officers are still on duty but are the target of an internal affairs investigation.

As a Denver DUI attorney, I can assure you that officers rarely ‘cut breaks’ to members of the general public…and I’m not suggesting that they should.  If they have probable cause to arrest a driver for DUI, then they should.  If they believe that a fellow officer is DUI, they too should be arrested.