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Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Whenever the Denver area news media covers stories about DUI statistics, they almost always report on the number of arrests made rather than the number of convictions.  Why?  Because the data is easier to obtain.  DUI enforcement officers are regularly submitting reports to the Colorado Department of Transportation on the numbers of arrests made, especially during holiday weekend and high visibility DUI enforcement periods.  However, no followup reports are made on the number of convictions.  The following story may provide a reason.  This woman from Victoria has been arrested 19 times for alcohol related driving issues but has only been convicted 3 times.  Obviously, 3 convictions is a very serious issue but so too are the 16 times where the arrest has been called into question and no conviction resulted.  Quite simply, this is why everyone who has been charged with a DUI in Denver should consult with a defense attorney.  Officers are human and make mistakes.  They charge people with DUI who aren't actually impaired.