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Voter Fraud Cases Dismissed

Of all the cases that I have dealt with in my career as a Denver criminal defense lawyer, a couple of my favorites have involved alleged voter fraud where the cases were ultimately dismissed - on the morning of trial!

Nothing is more important in our democracy than the right to vote.  I represented a young man in Arapahoe County who was alleged to have voted twice in the 2008 election.  He didn't but it took a great deal of effort to convince the district attorney and ultimately, we prevailed.  I'm quite sure that the jury would have acquitted...which is why the DA dismissed the case.  This story of another alleged voter fraud case in Araphaoe County was dismissed last week.  I consulted with the defense attorney on this and again, the case was dismissed on the morning of trial.  I cannot speak from personal experience about the rest of the country but having handled cases right here in Colorado, I can tell you that voter fraud is not the rampant problem that some would have you believe.