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A Denver DUI lawyer's work is never done

Most days in court are pretty exciting but yesterday in Arapahoe County was a little more so.  As I was walking from one division to another, I noticed several sheriff's deputies walking very quickly and carrying an automatic defibrillator.  This is not an everyday site in the courthouse.  I followed along into the courtroom to find a criminal defendant slumped over his seat suffering from an apparent heart attack.  I was a paramedic for over 20 years before becoming a lawyer and while I'm no longer licensed, the deputies were only too happy to let someone else help until the ambulance arrived.  While I don't regret my career change, I do miss the excitement of emergency medicine from time to time and it was good to be able to brush off my patient assessment skills and provide some assistance to the EMS crew when they arrived.  By the way, the gentleman was in stable condition when the ambulance departed.  I hope he recovers quickly.  Now, back to the law.