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Don't feel like a turkey this holiday

AAA estimates that over 41 million Americans will be on the road to grandma's house this Thanksgiving week.  In Denver and throughout Colorado, this means that there will be extra DUI enforcement officers on patrol.  If you want to remain thankful, please have a plan to get home safely.  Designate a sober driver, stay the night, or plan for a safe ride home.  If you do encounter the police, remember to exercise your rights.  You do not: have to consent to a search of your vehicle, consent to roadside sobriety testing, consent to a handheld breath test.  In Colorado, you have already expressly consented to cooperate with evidential breath or blood alcohol testing.  If you refuse, you may be subjected to additional penalties against your driving privileges.  You have a right to speak with a DUI defense lawyer before answering any questions EXCEPT answering whether you will provide a breath or a blood sample.

Let's all be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!