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A lawyer's education is never done...

As I'm closing in on the end of the year, I'm spending some time completing my continuing legal education credits.  As an attorney in Denver, Colorado, I'm required to get 45 hours of CLE every three years.

As an attorney who focuses my practice on DUI defense and criminal defense, most of my CLE interests are related to new issues in DUI defense such as new discoveries in the science behind a breathalyzer test instrument or the like.  However, criminal defense cases often touch on other areas of law.  The expressed consent hearing to defend one's driving privileges at the DMV after a DUI arrest is a matter of administrative law.  If a criminal defendant ends up in the hosptial, a police officer of prosecutor may attempt to illegally obtain privileged medical records triggering violations of the HIPAA law.  If a defendant has had some property seized as evidence or as a nuisance, this triggers issues of property law.  New marijuana laws in Colorado require some knowledge of business and banking law.  

Happy Holidays everyone!  I'm going to "get my learn on."