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Aurora Police to conduct DUI checkpoint tonight

The Aurora Police Department Traffic Section will be conducting a Stationary Roadside Sobriety Checkpoint Sept. 4 from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. on East Hampden Avenue.

This is part of the a Colorado effort to enforce DUI laws.  Labor Day weekend is the final weekend in Colorado's "The Heat is On" DUI campaign that begain on Memorial Day weekend.

In order for a sobriety checkpoint to be legal and not be considered an unconstitutional search, police must comply with the following:


  • a sign warning of the sobriety checkpoint must be visible to motorists, thereby allowing motorists the opportunity to avoid the checkpoint
  • the checkpoint must be operated in a way to avoid undue delays for motorists; and officers must only stop motorists long enough to obtain identification and proof of insurance, which drivers are required to carry.