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Colorado home to police officers other states don’t want

I’ve dealt with police officers all of my adult life.  As a paramedic and SWAT member, I worked alongside some of the finest police officers around.  In my new career as a DUI defense attorney, I continue to encounter police on a daily basis.  Many are quite professional.  Unfortunately, there ARE some bad apples and Colorado has become home to many.

Thirty nine states have laws that make it difficult for officers who have been convicted of crimes to move to their state and obtain a law enforcement job there.  Colorado isn’t one of them.  The result is that we get some pretty questionable officers.  The Denver Post reports about a California officer who, after handcuffing a mentally ill man and placing him in his patrol car, drenched his face in pepper spray and locked him in the patrol car.  His department was forced to pay a settlement in the excessive force lawsuit and the officer was fired.  He then came to Colorado where he found employment with the Aspen Police.  That is until his own police department had to arrest him on domestic violence allegations.

Colorado lawmakers are attempting to fix this issue in the 2016 legislative session.