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One man's Halloween costume became reality as he fled from police dressed as a prisoner

A South Carolina gentleman was stopped by police on suspicion of DUI.  As the police officer approached the car, the suspect drove off leading to a high speed pursuit.  As the pursuit was coming to an end, the suspect jumped from the still moving car.  The car proceeded to then strike a police car before crashing into a home.

The irony in this story is that the suspect was apprehended wearing a prisoner Halloween costume.

If you are contacted by Colorado law enforcement in the context of a DUI allegation, please do not flea from the officer.  You will make a bad situation much, much worse.  Leading police on a high speed pursuit will result in serious felony charges being brought against you.  Simply pull over, come to a complete stop, provide your license, insurance, and vehicle registration to the officer, and assert your right to remain silent until you can speak with your DUI defense attorney.  If the officer has probable cause to arrest, they will ask you if you wish to take a blood or breath test.  Colorado law does not allow you to consult with an attorney prior to making this decision.