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Some people will go to great lengths to avoid a DUI

Of course the simplest thing to do is to not drink to excess and drive.  This woman went much farther.  In fact she committed at least a couple of felonies in an attempt to distract the police so that she could successfully drive drunk and get home.  The suspect allegedly left a bar with a friend, got into her parked car, and called 911 to report an assault in progress at another bar about 3 blocks away.  When she saw the patrol cars scream past her parking lot, she drove home.

If she had committed this alleged offense in Colorado, rather than picking up a misdemeanor DUI charge with a maximum penalty of one year in a county jail, she would be facing the felony charges of attempt to influence a public official, conspiracy as well as additional misdemeanor charges of false reporting and reckless endangerment.

How did law enforcement catch her?  She posted about her exploits on social media including the line  "2 mins later the cop peals out ... silly piggies tricks r for u."  Her defense lawyer will now be trying to help their client avoid a lengthy prison sentence.