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Aurora Police are trying to prevent DUI's this weekend

The Aurora Police are trying to prevent the need to file DUI charges this weekend.  Rather than driving under the influence and being arrested, they hope that you will actually call them ahead of time and they will offer you a free ride home.  

The program is called "Operation Choose Your Ride."  The traffic division of the Aurora Police will offer citizes who are 21 years old or older the ability to call the police at 303-627-3100 and a police officer will respond to provide a sober ride home.  You can use this service tonight between 9PM and 2:30AM.  Callers should be prepared for the following:
  • a lesson regarding what happens in a DUI arrest and the legal consequences for drunk driving
  • the opportunity to take a portable breath test to determine your blood alcohol content
  • a check for outstanding warrants
  • a search to ensure that you aren't carrying any weapons
Officers will then drive you and up to one friend home if you live within ten miles of Aurora's city limits.

If demand exceeds their available manpower, callers will be given alternative suggestions such as the number of a local taxi or placed on a wait list.

Please avoid the need for a DUI attorney this holiday season and have a plan for getting home safely!