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Washington sheriff deputy shown preferential treatment in DUI allegation

A Washington Sheriff deputy who was initially contacted based on a citizen's report of a suspected intoxicated person sitting in his car was NOT arrested for driving under the influence.  Body cam video from the investigating officer clearly indicates that she knew the allegedly intoxicated deputy but chooses not to make a DUI arrest after consulting with her superiors.

While the suspect was not driving at the time of contact, he was in actual physical control of the vehicle meaning that he was in the driver's seat with control of the ignition keys and could easily place the vehicle in motion.  Under Colorado law (and Washington law) this was more than enough to establish probable cause to arrest.  In fact, as a Denver DUI attorney, I've handled quite a few cases with exactly these circumstances.  In this case, the officers chose to protect their own rather than make an arrest as per standard protocol.  You can watch the body cam video here.