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Once again, Colorado can't get DUI tests correct

For the second time in as many years, Colorado’s DUI testing program is under fire and prosecutors are attempting to convict DUI suspects with evidence akin to throwing darts at a dartboad.  Two years ago, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment toxicology lab was shut down because of mismanagement, poor training, a lack of transparency and a lack of bias.  Now, less than six months into operation, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) DUI testing program has produced dozens of inaccurate results.

When blood is drawn in a Colorado DUI case, two tubes are taken.  The purpose of this is to allow the second tube to be sent to an independent laboratory.  This is exactly how the problems with CBI’s DUI tests were revealed.  Two Colorado labs, Rocky Mountain Instrumental Labs and Chematox, have received samples that were tested by the CBI.  Dozens of alcohol tests have been found to have significant discrepancies.  This calls into question over 1500 DUI tests throughout the Denver area and across Colorado. 

Denver DUI attorneys will be investigating these lab problems to ensure that those that have been arrested on suspicion of DUI are being prosecuted only with valid evidence.