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Prosecutor shown preferential treatment in DUI arrests

Once again, there is a double standard when people are suspected of driving under the influence.  In our current instance, a prosecutor from South Carolina has been treated very differently than the average DUI suspect.  Donnie Myers, the lead prosecutor in the 11th Judicial Circuit has been arrested more than once for alcohol related driving offenses.  He has been convicted of DUI in 2005 and driving with an open container of alcohol in 2012.  In his past arrests, DUI officers have handled him with kid gloves and even after suspecting Myers of driving drunk, have allowed him to drive home without being taken to jail and booked like most suspects in Denver.  This double standard for law enforcement is simply unacceptable and it happens all too often.

If you are contacted by law enforcement in Colorado and are accused of a criminal offense, you will likely not be granted such treatment.  In that case, please exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and ask to speak to a lawyer before answering questions.