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Give thanks for the attorneys in the public defenders office

Today is the 53rd anniversary of the landmark decision of Gideon v. Wainwright.   This important U.S. Supreme Court case granted the right to counsel in all criminal cases.  It resulted in the public defender system in place today in Colorado and throughout the country.  Public defenders are often looked down upon in our society.  Let me say this about my sisters and brothers in the Public Defender system…they are heroes.  Whether their client is accused of a DUI or first degree murder, by defending them, these attorneys protect us all.  They fight every day to defend our system of jurisprudence.  The mere accusation of a crime does not equal guilt.  They fight for our rights to privacy and due process.  They fight against the excess power of the government.  They do this not for glory or financial gain.  Rather, they fight for a system that is core to the principles created by the founding fathers.  They have my respect and they deserve yours.