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Don't talk yourself into getting arrested

When reviewing police reports, I often find myself wincing at statements allegedly made by my clients.  These statements sometimes result in an equivocal case against them getting much stronger.  For example, when an officer asks a client suspected of DUI "how much have you had to drink?"  One reported answer was "too much to drive."  These statements can be admitted at trial and it is difficult to convince a jury that you were sober when you tell the police that you don't believe that you were.

Whenever you are suspected of DUI or any criminal offense and are subjected to questioning by police, your answer should be "I want to speak with my lawyer before answering questions."  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  If you have been arrested for DUI in Denver or anywhere in Colorado and the police invoke Colorado's express consent law, you must give an answer with regard to taking a blood or breath test.  If you insist on asking a lawyer first, you will be deemed to have refused to cooperate with testing.