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How a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney can Assist You with Your DUI

October 24, 2016

If you were arrested for DUI, you may have initially thought fighting your DUI charges on your own would be doable, however given the complexity of the law, you may be having second thoughts. Trying to navigate the criminal justice system on your own can be overwhelming and terrifying and making a mistake is easy to do. If this sounds like you, we can help. 

In the last few years, Colorado has increased penalties for DUI and lowered the blood alcohol level where you can be charged. DUI offenders who are convicted of DUI may face high fines, jail time, driver's license revocation, mandatory alcohol education courses, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, community service, probation, and more.

A Denver DUI conviction will have a significant impact on your life – immediately and in the future. But a DUI charge does not have to ruin your life. It is important to find an experienced DUI lawyer who is familiar with
Denver DUI defense and Colorado's DUI laws. It is especially important to contact us for help if you were arrested for DUI with a child in the car, if you are a minor, if you committed another traffic violation at the same time, if you severely injured or killed another person, or if you damaged another person's property.

How We Can Help

Even an experienced DUI attorney cannot always get the charges dropped, but hiring us, a firm that is familiar with DUI law and that has successfully helped hundreds of other individuals, will improve your chances and give you some peace of mind. You will have someone with experience on your side that has navigated the system and knows what you need to do, which can take a huge burden off of your already stressed shoulders.

First, we will review and evaluate the evidence of your DUI arrest. Then we will offer advice on whether you should plead guilty or not guilty at your arraignment, assist with all pre-trial conferences, file motions to suppress evidence, negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution, or defend you at the DUI trial. We can also hire investigators and expert witnesses to review the evidence of your case and to provide testimony.

Some of the basic things we can do for you:  

  • Review the police report which was filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Evaluate whether or not the police officer had probable cause to make the DUI stop.
  • Evaluate the Breathalyzer test and ensure the calibration records of the testing equipment were correctly set.
The Law Office of John Buckley can help you understand the situation and your case. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible legal defense through zealous representation, as well as personal attention to every detail. We have the DUI defense experience you need. Contact us as soon as possible for more information at 303-501-1800.