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Tips From a Denver DUI Attorney: Avoiding a DUI on Thanksgiving Eve

November 22, 2016

While many people think of holidays like New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July as heavy drinking holidays, the night before Thanksgiving is actually one of the biggest drinking nights of the year! According to trends in the service industry, data from car service apps and police reports around the United States, Thanksgiving Eve is a big night out for many people. Bar and liquor store owners extend their hours and expect big sales. Car service apps like Uber and Lyft put out special promotions and make sure they can keep up with the high volume of riders, and the police force set-up extra checkpoints and make sure they are staffed accordingly. There are several factors that make Thanksgiving Eve a popular time to party:
  1. Nearly everyone, besides some in the service and retail industries, has Thanksgiving Day off from work, making the Wednesday before Thanksgiving an extremely popular and rare opportunity to imbibe on a week night without having to get up for work the next morning.
  2. Many people travel home to see family and friends to celebrate this American cultural holiday and want to make sure it’s a celebration. Thanksgiving can be the one time per year that people get to see certain family and friends and everyone wants to make the most of it and that often involves going out for dinner, and drinks.
  3. With everyone planning for the big meal on Thursday, no-one really wants to spend time hosting, cooking and cleaning the night before Thanksgiving for Wednesday night dinner. It is far easier to just go out and let someone else do the job.
  4. Hangovers cry out for a large, calorie-laden meal and there’s nothing like turkey with all the fixings to do the trick. For some people the only remedy after a big night out is the “hair-of-the-dog”, and there are surely plenty of drinks available at most Thanksgiving celebrations to help with that. Just be careful and make sure you also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
For these and other reasons, there will be a lot of road traffic and bar traffic on the night before Thanksgiving. If you’re planning to be out on the town on Thanksgiving Eve, follow these tips to be safe and avoid getting a DUI.

Make A Plan

Making a plan ahead of time will help you stay safe. If you are planning to meet up with several friends and/or family members, make sure you have a designated driver or use a car service like Uber or Lyft. Have your friends all meet at one place so you can avoid the roads and becoming a victim of a drunk driving accident. Read more about drinking strategies and tips.

Pick A Spot Close to Where You Live

Choose a bar or restaurant close to your home. This will help limit the amount of time you spend on the road and if you can find a spot that you and your crew can walk to and from, that’s even better! If you have friends or family traveling far, invite them to stay at your place after a night of drinking. Pull out your blow up mattress or your couch bed and welcome them to your home!

Use A Car Service or Other Modes of Transportation

If you don’t have a friend who is your designated driver the best other option is to use a local car or taxi service, especially if you’re planning on bar hopping or meeting up with multiple groups of friends throughout the evening. To be prepared make sure you download the appropriate app before you head out and add your credit card detail to make it easy to access a safe ride. Both Uber and Lyft have reasonable prices and even your local taxi service will too. Paying for a car service is significantly cheaper than being charged with drunk driving.
If a car service is out of your budget or unavailable in your area consider taking public transportation such as the light rail or RTD bus system. These are very cost effective modes of transportation that will help to keep you safe.

What To Do If You Are Pulled Over

Accidents happen. If you do find yourself in a situation facing a DUI this holiday weekend (or any other time), don’t hesitate to contact the Law Office of John L. Buckley. You don’t want to do this alone. We will fight for you and help you get the best possible outcome. Contact us today at 303-501-1800 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!