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Denver Criminal Lawyer Discusses How to Prevent Someone From Driving Drunk

December 21, 2016

It happens all the time. Friends are out on the town together, and one of them has way too much to drink. As a friend, how do you prevent this person from getting behind the wheel and driving home drunk? According to Denver criminal lawyer, John Buckley, there are a few steps you can take to avoid this situation.

Talk slowly

If your friend is already under the influence, his judgment is impaired. You will need to talk slowly and explain things more thoroughly to him so he understands what you are saying. An impaired person may become confused and agitated if you speak quickly, so slow down if you really want to get through to him.

Offer a place to stay

If you’re throwing a party at your home with alcohol, make sure your guests understand they are allowed to stay the night if they consume alcohol. As guests RSVP to your party, ask them how they will be getting home so you know everyone has a plan to stay safe and out of handcuffs. Learn more about how to throw a safe party for your friends and family.

Ask others for help

It’s easy for someone to say no to one person, but it’s much more difficult to turn down a group of people who are pleading with you. If you’re having trouble getting through to an impaired friend, ask other people who are with you to join the conversation. The more friends that help, the more likely it is your impaired friend will cave in and hand over his or her keys.

Have an alternative ready

People who are under the influence of alcohol will not be able to problem solve on their own, so help them out by explaining how they will get home if they don’t drive themselves. For example, call an Uber or cab and have it waiting outside so your impaired friend sees it won’t be hard to get home.

Don’t wait

If you notice your friend starting to drink more than usual, immediately ask for his keys instead of waiting until the end of the night. As your friend begins to drink more, it will be harder to talk to him, so try to have this conversation early on when he is still coherent.

Talk about your feelings

Instead of telling your friend you don’t want him to drive because you are concerned about his safety, focus on your feelings. Explain that you care for your friend, and you would hate for something to happen to him because of one bad decision. This approach is typically more effective because it appeals to your friend’s emotions.

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