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Know Your Rights if Arrested and When to Get a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney
Sobriety Checkpoints tonight in Lakewood
"I couldn't do that sober!"
There are much better ways to spend Father’s Day than bailing out of jail for DUI
Role of the DMV in a Denver DUI case
The Heat is On!
THC per se laws are not scientifically reliable
Your right to a speedy trial in a Denver DUI case
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Charged with DUI in your driveway
One in five designated drivers may be impaired
Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Suspected drunk driver loses dog while driving
Auto repair while intoxicated
Don't talk yourself into getting arrested
Give thanks for the attorneys in the public defenders office
Please celebrate St. Patrick's Day safely
Prosecutor shown preferential treatment in DUI arrests
Please celebrate the Broncos Super Bowl victory responsibly
Once again, Colorado can't get DUI tests correct
Colorado DUI enforcement officers experiment with roadside marijuana testing
Not all designated drivers are created equally
Washington sheriff deputy shown preferential treatment in DUI allegation
Please have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve
Founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving disagrees with Colorado DWAI law
Aurora Police are trying to prevent DUI's this weekend
Some people will go to great lengths to avoid a DUI
Name dropping will not get you out of a DUI
One man's Halloween costume became reality as he fled from police dressed as a prisoner
Perfect storm of drinking
Woman live streams her alleged DUI offense
Colorado home to police officers other states don’t want
Aurora Police to conduct DUI checkpoint tonight
Keep your address up to date with the DMV
Be extra careful of those kids
DUI suspects aren't always intoxicated
Aurora Police announce DUI saturation patrols
Bariatric Surgery can result in faster and longer effects of alcohol
Colorado Memorial Day DUI arrests down 25%
Miami Beach Police message - take a taxi rather than a police ride
Colorado makes 4th DUI in a lifetime a felony
Bill passes to uphold 4th Amendment protections in Colorado
Aurora Police to conduct Sobriety Checkpoint this Friday
Reflections on last week's trial victory
Happy Opening Day! Go Rockies!
May the luck of the Irish be with you this Friday the 13th and the weekend beyond
Felony DUI bill introduced in Colorado legislature
What are you doing New Year's Eve?
Oklahoma County Sheriff encouraging Sooner fans to get drunk
A lawyer's education is never done...
Ignorance of the law is no excuse…unless you’re a cop?
2% chance of being summoned for Aurora Theater shooting trial
Update on the Denver Police Officer injured in the line of duty
Why you should never consent to a search
Don't feel like a turkey this holiday
Don't let a DUI scare you this Halloween
Full bladder can impair your driving like driving under the influence
Another professional athlete suspended based solely on the accusation of DUI
An open letter to Colorado DUI officers...
Combining alcohol AND distracted driving
NFL players 3 times more likely to be arrested for DUI than other crimes
A Denver DUI lawyer's work is never done
Which Colorado county has the highest alleged blood alcohol level?
Denver area school to use breathalyzer on every student at homecoming dance
Voter Fraud Cases Dismissed
Nothing beats "eyes on the ground"
One good thing that will come from the tragedy in Ferguson, MO
NFL is cracking down on DUI
One of the easiest ways to avoid a DUI in Denver...
99 bottles of beer in the car, 99 bottles of beer
DUI checkpoint tonight in Aurora
Lingering effects of a DUI conviction
Too smart to be a cop?
Anything you say can AND WILL be held against you
It takes all kinds to make a courtroom
Should you trust a breathalyzer app to avoid a DUI arrest?
DUI defendants find new and interesting vehicles
Colorado reporter submits to roadside sobriety testing for news story
If you are attempting to traffic narcotics, you shouldn't do so while speeding and intoxicated
DUI defendant tries to sing away his troubles
Lack of child safety seats leads to DUI arrest
Appellate Court Judge arrested for DUI
Choose a designated driver...but choose wisely
New Mexico man faces unlucky 13th DUI arrest
Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Don't attract attention
Yield to emergency vehicles
Holiday sobriety checkpoint results question the benefit of checkpoints
Please be safe this holiday weekend - DUI officers out in force
New Colorado law makes prosecuting vehicular homicide easier
Boating Under the Influence can have very real consequences
If it walks like a drunk and talks like a drunk....
Marijuana DUI arrests on the rise in Denver
Adventures in babysitting leads to DUI charges
Florida judges are in the news again
DUI cases in China increase during World Cup
Beer Cooler Scooter? It ALMOST seems like a good idea.
As I've mentioned before, anyone can be charged with a DUI...
Helicopter pilot who loses drivers license due to impaired driving simply flies instead of drives
Keeping DUI in the family
Substance abuse counselor gets 55 years to life for DUI and 2nd degree murder
Two men arrested for DUI after driving the same car
Aurora Police fail to arrest Denver Police for DUI
Woman arrested for DUI had jello shots in her pocket
Colorado Health Department fails again in DUI testing
New laser technology aimed to catch DUI drivers
Lawyer allegedly assaulted by judge while standing up for his client
Investigation suggests that 1/4 of suspects cited for DUI in Colorado have no license
Colorado Supreme Court upholds the Fourth Amendment requirement for a search warrant in DUI cases
Bounty system for reporting DUI suspects
It doesn't take a car to get a DUI
NFL seeks to suspend first time DUI offenders
Sobriety checkpoint causes more problems than it solves
Hitting a police car makes for a difficult DUI case
Alleged drunk driver wakes up on wrong side of the tracks
Anyone can be charged with DUI - even judges
What does Memorial Day mean to us?
DUI suspect had catheter FORCED on him
Alcohol treatment does more to reduce DUI recidivism than jail
Yes, Virginia. DUI suspects DO have rights.
Memorial Day DUI checkpoints announced in Denver area
Roadside Testing for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Could Come to Denver
Any excuse to write a ticket
My personal sobriety checkpoint experience
Drink as much as you like and never get drunk? Probably not.
Alcohol still leads marijuana 21 to 1 for DUI arrests
A scarlet letter for repeat DUI offenders?
Good posture and proper driving are now evidence of suspicious driving
Wisconsin deputy sheriff makes up DUI allegation to avoid responsibility in causing crash
Citizen arrests officer alleged to be driving under the influence
Real life isn't like TV
Expensive and Ineffective Felony DUI Bill Fails
Please keep this Colorado State Patrol Trooper in your prayers
Demonstrating your love of sports may be illegal
That nagging old football injury may really hurt you
Bias evident at the Colorado DMV
Questions raised about the training of officers in conducting field sobriety testing
New Jersey jury trials are going to the dogs
Denver Police not subject to the same laws as you and me
Shocking number of innocent people are sentenced to death
Anonymous 911 calls are now enough
People are arrested for DUI even when they blow 0.00
What to wear for your DUI
Not all lineups are created equal
On Duty Firefighter Charged with DUI
Justin Bieber close to a plea deal in his DUI case
Will a DUI prevent me from getting a new job?
Guilt by Association
Don't attempt to fool the ignition interlock
Even sober people fail roadside sobriety tests
Colorado DMV Points Suspensions
Lack of video in Colorado DUI cases
Effectiveness of alcohol education programs?
Your Constitutional Rights at Drivers License Hearings
The benefits of a sobriety witness vs. the breathalyzer
Holiday Weekend Arrests
Prevent a DUI
Happy St. Patrick's Day
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